Fine Motor Skills Testing

We developed a tool using 3-D computer graphics and a haptic device for fine motor skills testing. It has been demonstrated that learning disabilities (LDs) negatively impact visual-motor skills. This application permits the use of visual and tactile feedbacks for visual-motor skills testing of adults with learning disabilities. We conducted studies to assess the value of using VR technology, in healthcare and in educational environments

to support adults with LDs.


Body Image

We developed an application intended to provide an interactive and motivational environment for the study of body image issues. In this application avatars are

created using 3DS Max. The tactile interaction with these avatars is accomplished through haptic devices. Studies measuring the strength and duration of the tactile interaction with the avatars depending on the mood, emotional proximity and the gender and weight are conducted.

Gross Motor Skills Testing

A new computerized gross

motor skills testing application has been created using Microsoft Kinect

technology. This application uses movement detection and registration to test a

participant’s motor skills more precisely than an observer. The computerized gross motor skills test

includes fundamental locomotor and object control movement skills. This application is expected to provide researchers, educators and other experts a more effective and accurate mode to

test gross motor skills for both children and adults.